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I have been going to Dr Kot for over 30 years. Both Dr Kot and his staff are very professional and do an outstanding job. I highly recommend this office.

John Mandell

Dr Kot is a great dentist! I have been using him for a few years and every visit is a pleasant experience.

Michael Abreu

Long time patient. Dr Kot offers some of the best straightforward dental care. He takes care of his patients, and does not try to pressure you into anything else. Dr Kot has great connections in the area for supplemental care and oral surgery if needed.

Rachel Robinson

Great dentist! Staff are always courteous and kind. They do the work asked for and don't constantly try to upsell to expensive extra services, but have the capability and expertise to handle just about anything needed for your teeth.

Beth Moffett

Dr. Kot and his assistant, Zora, provide outstanding dental services. I have been going to see him for nearly 20 years. Here’s an example of a recent 2023 visit: On a Wednesday, I broke off a piece of a molar. The very next morning he made time to see me, X-ray my tooth, evaluate it, and prepare the tooth for a crown. He has the latest technology in his office that allows him to digitally scan a tooth and send it to the lab to make a crown (instead of taking the old gooey impressions and mailing them out – a process that took about two weeks). By the time I left his office at 11 a.m. that day, I had a temporary crown on my tooth and my impressions were already at the lab to make the permanent crown. Not only that, but he and Zora told me that my permanent crown should be back in the office on Tuesday (just five days later with a weekend in between)! In the past, I had to put up with a temporary for about two weeks. As promised, I went in the office on Tuesday and fifteen minutes later, I walked out with my permanent crown on my tooth. The entire process from my tooth breaking to finalized repair was less than 6 calendar days! Dr. Kot’s practice is wonderful. They are professional, timely, and I can’t say enough good things about the quality of care I (and members of my family) have received!

Pamela Belongia

I have been going to Dr. Kots for years now! The staff is friendly and the doctor is great! Never overcharge or recommend treatments that is not needed like other places. Appointment process is easy. Love the experience!


Our family has been going to Dr. Kot since 1998. Best dentist ever. He is knowledgeable and always prepared for our visits. His staff is excellent as well. Receptionist and dental assistant are always friendly, and organized. Highly recommend this dental practice.

Bob Janis

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