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Lymphobiology Facial Treatment

Excellent for first-timers Enjoy a luxurious and detoxifying facial treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system around your face and neck. By restoring your healthy lymphatic flow, you can achieve improved circulation, increased skin hydration, reduced appearance of fine lines, minimized dark circles and puffiness, and decreased redness and sensitivity.

Purely Classic

Relax while improving the natural radiance of your skin. Your purely classic facial experience includes a cleansing of the face, a softening of the skin by exfoliating grains or an enzyme peel mask, extractions, a shoulder massage, mask, and is completed with a hydrating moisturizer. This facial will
improve the look of your pores, improving your overall radiance.

 Customized Facial Treatment

Constant experimentation and out of box thinking defines my signature style. This custom
facial is a unique experience, completely tailored for your individual skincare needs whether it be anti-aging, hydrating, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation,oily/ normal/dry. Each service addresses your skin on that particular day so no two facials are identical. In the process of intuitive customization through the use of multiple advanced technologies, modalities, products, and techniques you can achieve ultimate skin rejuvenation

 Holistic Nano Infusion Treatment

Ready for ultimate skin transformation? Using Nano Technology, sterile tips containing microscopic pyramid shaped needles are used with a Collagen Induction Therapy pen to create thousands of tiny pathways within the skin to deeply deliver nutritional and healing infusion serums, resulting in a 97% absorption. An extraordinary blend of nutrients feed the skin for ultimate healing and transformation. Immediate and long term results will be noticed from this powerhouse treatment and can be safely used around the eye area and over the lips to firm, plump, and hydrate. Nano Infusion is non-invasive, can be performed on most skins, and does not require downtime to heal.
-- Softens fine lines and wrinkles
-- Increases smoothness and hydration
-- Boosts microcirculation in the treated skin
-- Improves firmness and elasticity
-- Provides gentle exfoliation

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.



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